Traveller’s Accommodation In Marbella

Marbella is a fantastic place to visit – it is already climbing up ranks in the list of world’s most preferred destinations for holidaying. There’s so much here, something for everyone! Even when it comes to accommodations, Marbella has a host of options – right from the most expensive, luxurious hotels to the traveler budget-friendly accommodations. So here are a few options which you could consider while planning your stay in Marbella:

Casa la Concha:
If you’re headed to Marbella with your entire family in tow, it’s best you put up in a family-friendly accommodation – and Casa la Concha is the best when it comes to this! Perfect cottages that are lined up against scenic mountains and have the best views of the Mediterranean sea right in front of you is what Casa la Concha offers! Step in here for a relaxed family vacation in a cozy place that’s tucked away from the hustle of the city.


Hotel Claude:
How about putting up in a 17th-century villa that has been remodeled to fit the needs of the modern day and age. The perfect mix of ancient meets modern is right here – you can witness this by choosing to stay in Hotel Claude which is also one of the renowned hotels in Marbella. Even, you can feel the magic of the days gone by in the spacious rooms, the magnificent architecture and the interiors in Hotel Claude.

LaVilla Marbella:
This one’s for those on a budget – for your budget, the LaVilla Marbella is the best place you can put up in. A cutesy chic villa that has interiors worth admiring and that’s right in the heart of the old city, so even if you aren’t on a budget, head in here! It’s a few minutes away from the best sights of Old Town in Marbella. Also, the beaches too, are a stone’s throw – so book a room here without any thought!

Hotel Puente Romano:
Beach bums, if you want to stay closest to the beach, this is the best option for you! The best of facilities including tennis courts, private balconies, kids club, and other luxuries all tied up under one roof – what else do you wish for when on a relaxed, lazy vacation? Also, there are numerous restaurants here – dig into the various delicacies here!

Already decided where you’re heading to?

Sight-Seeing In Marbella

This city located in southern Spain is taking tourists by the storm! And if you’re wondering why, it’s because of the stunning sights, the beautiful people, the pleasant climate and more importantly luxurious accommodations! So Marbella is one of those destinations which definitely have to be on your bucket list – and here are some locations in Marbella which you must not give a miss at all:

Museo del Grabado:
Even if you have just a day to explore Marbella, you have to visit this museum! For starters, it’s not known to be a museum in itself –it has beautifully put on display modern contemporary art. It boasts of a stunning collection of various works of art by famous artists. Also, don’t miss the engravings – they’re indeed spectacular!

Costa del Sol:

If you’re a beach bum, head straight here! The extensive sandy beaches, the blazing sun, the swaying coconut trees, and the salty breeze will make you fall in love with Costa del Sol. The beaches here have many beach bars, the interiors of which will particularly interest beach lovers! Also, the bars serve some of the best drinks which Marbella is quite famous for! So head on here, beach bums!

Old Town:
The charm of the quintessential old Marbella will indeed win your heart. Tucked away in the calmness of the by-lanes of Marbella, you have to visit this place to admire its splendid architecture specifically. Not only that, but Old Town here is filled with typical of any old town – cutesy boutiques, small bars, cafes, street food vendors and so many other things which you can enjoy!

Avenida del Mar:

This place is full of sculptures by famed artist Salvador Dali – and no, these works aren’t’ anything traditional – all wonderfully carved modern works of art are put up here on display. So if you love art, especially if you have the eye to admire the intricacy of works of sculpture go ahead and revel in this beautiful place!

Puerto Banos:
If shopping is a must-do thing for you on every trip you go, do visit Puerto Banos! Home to all the famed designer labels, known all over the world, Puerto Banos has tonnes of boutiques and shops with the best designer wear. Not only this, but there’s also a wonderful upmarket shopping market here in Puerto Banos that is thronged by both locals and tourist alike!

Must Try Delicacies In Marbella

Marbella is home to some of the best delicacies in the world. The unique taste of Marbella’s cuisine has made it famous all over the world. So if you happen to book an exotic vehicle from Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella, or have planned a trip to Marbella, make sure you dig into these wonderful delicacies, which are the pride of the Marbella’s cuisine!

Fritura Malaguena:
The best of Marbella’s seafood is right here – in this seafood platter! Who in the world, would miss this? Well, we really want you to try this out and have a hearty meal in while you’re in Marbella! Sink into this delectable seafood platter that’s sure to win your heart, making you craving for more!

A cold soup with delectable taste and creamy texture, this soup has to be a part of your appetizers when on lunch in Marbella! The flavor of this lip-smacking soup comes from the almond and garlic that are subtly used in the milk base that also includes bread, grapes, and apples! A wholesome, healthy soup indeed!

Queso Curado:
The famed cheese of Marbella – you have to try the real, authentic version of this cheese while in Marbella. Prepared from fresh sheep or goat milk, the gummy taste of this cheese is sure to stay back with you for a long, long time! Have it alongside Jamon Serrano, and you’ll be swooning over this unusual combination for a long, long time!

Gambas al Pil Pil:

Writing about this has left our mouths watering – just imagine how exceptionally wonderful this dish must be! It’s all about prawns (fresh from the sea) that are sautéed to perfection in a host of sauces – all coming together to form one of the best dishes which the Marbella cuisine boasts of! You’ll find this in beach shacks, local delis, street stalls, and even hotels – that is the popularity of this dish! You have to try it out when hiring a luxury car from in Marbella!

This is another mouth-watering yet straightforward dish from Marbella – served as an appetizer, the anchovies are marinated in vinegar, or sometimes even olive oil. These beauties are then seasoned with a toss of garlic. Some even deep fry these beauties – perfect snack before a full course meal here!

If you’re a foodie, you’re sure to have a blast during your time here in Marbella – so leave all your diets back at the airport and prepare yourself to gorge into the surreal cuisine of Marbella!

Top Clubs In Marbella

Is a holiday even complete if you haven’t’ visited the hippest clubs in the place you’ve put up? Well no! That vacation is all about letting yourself loose and having the time of your life and creating memories to last a lifetime. And Marbella is no exception – especially when you have a lot of options to get wild, crazy and groovy in the number of clubs here! So when in Marbella, make sure you give these clubs a visit – one club every night – go hopping!


Located right in Puerto Banus, this club is known for its picturesque sights! Stand by the open terrace and have the view of the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea as well as the Gulf of Gibraltar right in front of you. It has been cited as one of the most popular clubs in Marbella, which also justifies why it’s thronged by locals and tourists alike! Step into the ultimate party club of Marbella and get let your hair down!

La Suite:

The favorite hangout place of the rich and famous in Marbella, La Suite is all luxurious in its ambiance – which is why it’s also known as the trendiest clubs in entire Marbella. It may be a bit expensive for your traveler’s budget, but hey, you won’t be visiting Marbella all the time right? So make the most of this visit and fix up a date with the hottest club in town!

Aqwa Mist:
With superb ambiance, Aqwa Mist boasts of the numerous celebrities that visit their most-loved party place in Marbella! So why should you miss out on this fun? Dance to some great music, sip on some perfect wine and also stand a chance to bump into a celebrity – all in one place! Also, the best DJ’s in the world are the ones spinning out tunes for you here – so cheers there, you’re indeed in the right club!


Especially in summer, Mirage is the best club you can hop into. Also, Mirage is known for organizing a different happening even that it holds every night of the week. There’s so much variety and fun here that every time you get in here, you’ll find a different ambiance and theme! Also, for the pretty ladies out there, you have a dedicated ladies night every Wednesday! Make the most of the freebies they offer you here!

Hope you’ve already begun planning your next club stop in Marbella!

Best Cafes In Marbella

Whenever we travel to any place, we’re always on a lookout for places to eat. Not only because we wish to experiment with the food here, but also to satiate those untimely traveler hunger-pangs! And especially when you’re in Marbella, we’re sure you would wish to try out the sumptuous local delicacies this place boasts of – so here’s a list of the cafes you must fix a date with while in Marbella:

Cafe de Ronda:
If you’re looking for something light yet filling, head into Cafe de Ronda! At Cafe de Ronda they offer a variety of food and drinks too, which are indeed appealing. This cafe is a special hit with the locals, who will guide any tourist towards this cafe if asked! The interiors of this cafe too are super charming head in for some Spanish omelette! Also, don’t miss out on their eggs benedict – you cannot step outside this cafe without having this heavenly delight from Rondas!

Blue Palm Cafe:
This cafe is known not particularly for its Spanish cuisine but is fantastic overall. So if you’re British and missing your favorite English breakfast staples, no worries at all – head in here and eat to your heart’s content! Located right opposite a beach, you’ll not only love the warm ambiance here but the friendly staff too!

The Fresh Food Cafe:
Looking out for some fresh food? Well, get into this cafe right away! It’s right in Puerto Banus, a place that’s thronged by visitors. So if a quick meal is what you want, you can safely try out this cafe that’s recommended by everyone who’s visited it! The best part about this cafe is that they serve food that’s completely organic and healthy – no additives, no artificial flavors – just simple, organic food that you’ll love! Health freaks, watch out! Salads, pastries, wraps, smoothies – all dished out from fresh ingredients is what The Fresh Food Cafe boasts about!

Pan y Mermelada:
A relaxed, cozy ambiance – precisely what you’re looking out for when you have a quick brunch! After a day of roaming around, admiring Marbella’s beauty, you do deserve a hearty lunch, don’t you? And Pan y Mermelada’s sandwiches, pancakes, eggs Benedict and other stars of the Spanish cuisine will fully satiate you!

Make sure you visit these cafe’s while you’re in Marbella – you’ll surely get to experience the wonder and taste that the Spanish cuisine boasts of!

Shopper’s Paradise In Marbella

With the number of local markets, trendy boutiques, designer labels, supermarkets and other shopping places to shop, Marbella is indeed a shopper’s paradise! And if you’re a shopaholic in Marbella, don’t miss this opportunity to take back home a whole lot of shopping bags filled with the trendiest stuff ever! Marbella is pretty fashion conscious, and you can get a lot of in-vogue fashionable clothes as well as accessories here. So here’s a list of places you can visit while you’re in Marbella:

La Canada Shopping Centre:
One of the biggest shopping plazas in Marbella, it’s a one-stop for everything you need! The number of brands that have put up their stores in this shopping center is just endless – you can go around and spend an entire day looking around this vast mall.

There’s a separate section dedicated to kids, their toys and all other kids needs, so if you have a little one make sure you tag them along here!

Neuhaus jewelry:
This is the best place in Marbella where you’ll find the best, in-fashion jewelry. With the number of options this high-end store boasts of, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This reputed brand also has its stores in London, Paris and other fashion-centric locations in the world. The curator of this jewelry Gil Neuhaus himself designs all the jewelry you find here. Also, he sources raw material from all around the globe and inspects them thoroughly before setting them into jewelry designs. So if you’re in a mood to spoil your partner, walk in here – they have jewelry for both men and women!


Marina Banus Shopping center:
Puerto Banus is one of the best places in Marbella to go shopping around. You’ll find the Marina Banus store right in the heart of Puerto Banus, and it’s the best store for women’s shopping. With all the top women’s fashion brands under one roof, the Marina Banus store is a hit among locals and tourists alike. So do give this chilled shopping center a visit!

Miramar Shopping Centre:
Shopping as well as a leisure complex, Miramar Shopping Centre is a place where you should head to with your entire family. Not only do they have fantastic fashions stores for all of you lined up, but also enough options for you to have fun together too! It’s super popular among the people here, so visit and have fun!