This city located in southern Spain is taking tourists by the storm! And if you’re wondering why, it’s because of the stunning sights, the beautiful people, the pleasant climate and more importantly luxurious accommodations! So Marbella is one of those destinations which definitely have to be on your bucket list – and here are some locations in Marbella which you must not give a miss at all:

Museo del Grabado:
Even if you have just a day to explore Marbella, you have to visit this museum! For starters, it’s not known to be a museum in itself –it has beautifully put on display modern contemporary art. It boasts of a stunning collection of various works of art by famous artists. Also, don’t miss the engravings – they’re indeed spectacular!

Costa del Sol:

If you’re a beach bum, head straight here! The extensive sandy beaches, the blazing sun, the swaying coconut trees, and the salty breeze will make you fall in love with Costa del Sol. The beaches here have many beach bars, the interiors of which will particularly interest beach lovers! Also, the bars serve some of the best drinks which Marbella is quite famous for! So head on here, beach bums!

Old Town:
The charm of the quintessential old Marbella will indeed win your heart. Tucked away in the calmness of the by-lanes of Marbella, you have to visit this place to admire its splendid architecture specifically. Not only that, but Old Town here is filled with typical of any old town – cutesy boutiques, small bars, cafes, street food vendors and so many other things which you can enjoy!

Avenida del Mar:

This place is full of sculptures by famed artist Salvador Dali – and no, these works aren’t’ anything traditional – all wonderfully carved modern works of art are put up here on display. So if you love art, especially if you have the eye to admire the intricacy of works of sculpture go ahead and revel in this beautiful place!

Puerto Banos:
If shopping is a must-do thing for you on every trip you go, do visit Puerto Banos! Home to all the famed designer labels, known all over the world, Puerto Banos has tonnes of boutiques and shops with the best designer wear. Not only this, but there’s also a wonderful upmarket shopping market here in Puerto Banos that is thronged by both locals and tourist alike!