Marbella is home to some of the best delicacies in the world. The unique taste of Marbella’s cuisine has made it famous all over the world. So if you happen to book an exotic vehicle from Apex Luxury Car Hire Marbella, or have planned a trip to Marbella, make sure you dig into these wonderful delicacies, which are the pride of the Marbella’s cuisine!

Fritura Malaguena:
The best of Marbella’s seafood is right here – in this seafood platter! Who in the world, would miss this? Well, we really want you to try this out and have a hearty meal in while you’re in Marbella! Sink into this delectable seafood platter that’s sure to win your heart, making you craving for more!

A cold soup with delectable taste and creamy texture, this soup has to be a part of your appetizers when on lunch in Marbella! The flavor of this lip-smacking soup comes from the almond and garlic that are subtly used in the milk base that also includes bread, grapes, and apples! A wholesome, healthy soup indeed!

Queso Curado:
The famed cheese of Marbella – you have to try the real, authentic version of this cheese while in Marbella. Prepared from fresh sheep or goat milk, the gummy taste of this cheese is sure to stay back with you for a long, long time! Have it alongside Jamon Serrano, and you’ll be swooning over this unusual combination for a long, long time!

Gambas al Pil Pil:

Writing about this has left our mouths watering – just imagine how exceptionally wonderful this dish must be! It’s all about prawns (fresh from the sea) that are sautéed to perfection in a host of sauces – all coming together to form one of the best dishes which the Marbella cuisine boasts of! You’ll find this in beach shacks, local delis, street stalls, and even hotels – that is the popularity of this dish! You have to try it out when hiring a luxury car from in Marbella!

This is another mouth-watering yet straightforward dish from Marbella – served as an appetizer, the anchovies are marinated in vinegar, or sometimes even olive oil. These beauties are then seasoned with a toss of garlic. Some even deep fry these beauties – perfect snack before a full course meal here!

If you’re a foodie, you’re sure to have a blast during your time here in Marbella – so leave all your diets back at the airport and prepare yourself to gorge into the surreal cuisine of Marbella!